We prepare quotes within 1 to 3 days. We charge $25 (non-remunerable) per quote as it consumes time that could otherwise be used to fulfill job requirements. You can pay with either your credit card or PayPal account.

Software Development Consulting

From web development to mechatronic control systems, we have the expertise to complete projects in a cost effective and timely manner.
We have the tools to program 8, 14, 18 and 28 pin PIC chips.

Capacity Planning and Project Management

We have the experience and expertise to forecast and manage the system development process.

Hardware and Software Integration Services

Our dedicated team has the expertise to provide complete solutions across a range of vertical markets.
It is essential that you consider our solutions in your market place.

Software and Data Migration Services

We have the experience to move systems across hardware and operating systems platforms.

Service Contracts

Individual contracts are negotiated on a case by case basis. Our management team has more than 20 years experience in IT and related industries. We do however sub contract to talented artists and electrical engineering specialists.


Hardware will not be shipped until funds have cleared. We accept PayPal (and credit cards via PayPal), direct deposit, local cheques (which take 3 days to clear).


7 days return to base unless otherwise specified.

Special Orders, Custom Chips and the like

We have sources within China, Singapore, Japan and elsewhere.
However special orders tend to be often delayed by customs or other issues, so patience is required.


Our license model allows per device use of products. This means a license will be tied to a device identified like MAC address or IMEI number.

Quality Assurance

All our deliverables undergo strict examination within our quality assurance process. Please enquire about our process via email: info at pymblesoftware.com.